Creating furniture by hand is our passion.


In our family, our best memories have been made around the dinner table. Our belief is that by creating quality, hand-made pieces, we can impart a piece of that to each of our clients.


In Texas,

family is the backbone of tradition. Masterpiece Hand-Crafted has evolved over the decades from a man who had a passion for creating beautiful things, into a family business that focuses on hand-making beautiful things for other people’s families.

Our craftsmen love what they do, and it shows. Using timeless techniques and special finishes, we hand-craft each piece to be a true work of art. We strive to make custom furniture that is without equal – this is apparent in each detail from concept, design, and construction through our durable and unique eight-step finishing process. We believe that our clients deserve an option other than mass-produced and poorly made furniture. So we create solid wood furniture that’s right at home where and how you live – designed to be both breathtakingly attractive, stylish, and built to stand the test of time.

Mack, the driving force behind Masterpiece Hand-Crafted Furniture, took his background in architectural and structural design along with a desire to make beautiful things to create Masterpiece Hand-Crafted Furniture. Combining the talents of his family, Mack has evolved Masterpiece Furniture from a small one-man show into a thriving family business. Mack, along with his wife and partner, MaryLou, are intimately involved with every step of the creative process. They oversee the initial design, construction, and finishing of each piece, bringing an eye for detail – and an unmatched enthusiasm and passion to each project.

Son-in-law Alex joined Masterpiece over a decade ago. He has spent those years developing and honing his finishing skills. Through countless hours of practice and experimentation along with conducting his own research and development, Alex is the driving force behind the custom finishes on each of our furniture pieces. His dedication to his craft is the reason that the finishes on Masterpiece Hand-Crafted Furniture are without rival in the custom furniture realm.

Son Jonathan joined the team in 2015 after spending 10 years as a U.S. Army Paratrooper. Upon returning to Texas Jonathan fell in love with the thought of making woodworking a full-time job, bringing with him an eye for detail and design. As a 9th-generation Texan, Jonathan strongly believes in the idea of Texans hand-making beautiful things for other Texans to enjoy, just as his great-great-great-grandfather did as a woodworker in 1850s Houston.

Daughter-in-law Amber and daughter Jenny work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Amber conducts administrative tasks and manages the website, while Jenny maintains our social media presence.


The Family

Owner, Designer, Creator

Owner, Sales, Merchandising

Amber (daughter-in-law)
Web, Admin

Alex (son-in-law)
Finishing, Logistics, Delivery

Jenny (daughter)
Social Media

Jonathan (son)
Building, Design, Marketing