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Finishes and Wood Care


All of our stains are applied by hand and sealed with multiple layers of an environmentally friendly clear coat. This multi-stage process produces some of the best finishes you will see. Although our finishes hold up very well under normal wear, we still recommend the care tips found below to further extend the life of your piece.

Wood Care

We believe that every piece we design is a valuable investment. Learning the proper techniques for caring for your handcrafted wood pieces will maintain its life and value for generations.

• Do not expose to intense sunlight, for long exposure can cause the color of the wood to change.
• Dust and polish often with products that do not contain wax. Wax polishes can result in residue buildup that can actually attract more dust, smoke, etc.
• Do not use a solvent such as a disinfectant to clean the wood surface.
• Remove liquids from the wood surface at once by using a damp cloth and wiping in the direction of the grain.
• Place a soft covering such as leather or felt under objects placed on your wood surface, to prevent surface damage.
• Correct small scratches or scuffs with a touch up stick, available at any paint store.